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RMKS/1. Who We Are. We are the United States Navy, the most powerful navy in 
the world. We are the Sailors and Civilians who have answered our Nations 
call to service. We are Americans who embody character, competence, and 
dedication to our mission. Our identity is forged by the sea and we serve 
with honor, courage, and commitment.

2. What We Do. We are here to preserve the peace, respond in crisis, and win 
decisively in war. We operate far forward, around the world and around the 
clock, from the seabed to space, in cyberspace, and in the information 
environment to promote our Nations prosperity and security, deter aggression, 
and provide options to our nations leaders. We deliver power for peace, but 
are always postured and ready to fight and win as part of the Joint Force and 
alongside our Allies and partners.

3. Where We Are Going. The threats to our nation and our interests are real 
and growing. The strategic environment has changed; gone are the days of 
operating from a maritime sanctuary against competitors who cannot threaten 
us. The National Defense Strategy makes clear that we must defend our 
homeland, deter strategic attack, deter and be prepared to prevail in 
conflict against the Peoples Republic of China, and meet the acute challenge 
of an aggressive Russia and other persistent threats. Our adversaries have 
designed their militaries to overcome our traditional sources of strength. We 
must move rapidly to stay ahead and continuously create warfighting 
advantages. We must think, act, and operate differently, leveraging wargaming 
and experimentation to integrate conventional capability with hybrid, 
unmanned, and disruptive technologies. Tomorrows battlefield will be 
incredibly challenging and complex. To win decisively in that environment, 
our Sailors must be the best warfighters in the world with the best systems, 
weapons, and platforms to ensure we can defeat our adversaries. We will put 
more players on the field platforms that are ready with the right 
capabilities, weapons and sustainment, and people who are ready with the 
right skills, tools, training, and mindset.

4. Our Priorities. We will focus on Warfighting, Warfighters, and the 
Foundation that supports them.
   a. Warfighting: Deliver Decisive Combat Power. We will view everything we 
do through a warfighting lens to ensure our Navy remains the worlds 
preeminent fighting force. We will prioritize the readiness and capabilities 
required to fight and win at sea, and the logistics and shore support 
required to keep our Navy fit to fight.
We recognize that we will never fight alone. We will advance naval 
integration with the Marine Corps, and synchronize and align our warfighting 
efforts with the Joint Force. We will design and drive interoperability with 
our Allies and partners to deliver combined lethality.
   b. Warfighters: Strengthen the Navy Team. We will use the principles of 
mission command to empower leaders at all levels to operate in uncertain, 
complex, and rapidly changing environments, ready to take initiative and bold 
action with confidence. We will build strong warfighting teams, recruiting 
and retaining talented people from across the rich fabric of America. We will 
provide world- class training and education to our Sailors and Civilians, 
honing their skills and giving them every opportunity to succeed. We will 
ensure our quality of service meets the highest standards, and we will look 
after our families and support networks, who enable us to accomplish our 
warfighting mission.
    c. Foundation: Build Trust, Align Resources, Be Ready. We will earn and 
reinforce the trust and confidence of the American People every day. We will 
work with Congress to field and maintain the worlds most powerful Navy and 
the infrastructure that sustains it.
We will team with industry and academia to solve our most pressing 
challenges. We will cooperate with the interagency to bolster integrated 
deterrence. We will align what we do ashore with the warfighting needs of our 

5. Our Charge. America is counting on us to deter aggression, defend our 
national security interests, and preserve our way of life. With the right 
tools, a winning mindset, and the highest levels of integrity, we will 
operate safely as a team to deliver warfighting excellence.

6. I am proud to serve alongside you. I thank you and your families for your 
continued commitment to ensuring we are always ready.

7. We have taken a fix and set our course. Together we will deliver the Navy 
the Nation Needs. The time is now to move with purpose and

8. Admiral Franchetti sends. 33rd Chief of Naval Operations//