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1.  In 2023, Navy Community Outreach reached more than 125 million Americans through programs such as Navy Weeks, Executive Engagements and the Navy Office of Community Outreach (NAVCO)'s American Connections Program. Our goal is 160 million in 2024, while intentionally linking Outreach efforts to recruiting outcomes. Connecting Americans to their Navy has never been more important. We need them to know who we are, what we do, and where we are going. Using the full menu of community outreach programs we will increase Americans' awareness, knowledge, and favorability of the Navy, and inspire them to support and serve.

2.  Since 2005, nearly 300 Navy Weeks have been held in more than 85 different markets. The Navy Week program has served as the Navy's principal community outreach effort into areas of the nation without a significant Navy presence.
Navy Weeks focus on a variety of outreach assets, equipment and personnel on a single city for a week-long series of events with key influencers and organizations across the market. During a Navy Week, some 75-100 outreach events will occur in participation with corporate, civic, government, education, media, veterans, community service and diversity organizations throughout the city.

3.  In support of references (a) thru (c), this NAVADMIN issues implementation guidance and tasks support for the Navy's Community Outreach Program for Calendar Year (CY) 2024.

4.  As outlined in reference (d), in 2025, the Navy will celebrate its 250th Birthday in Philadelphia.  The community outreach engagements and events outlined in this message connect Americans to their Navy in advance of this historic anniversary.

5.  Reference (a) has authorized the following community outreach programs for CY 2024:
    a.  Fleet Weeks.  Tasking and responsibilities for these events will be provided SEPCOR by cognizant operational and regional commanders.  As always, Fleet Week support is subject to operational availability.
        (1) (East Coast) Miami, FL; New York City, NY; Baltimore, MD.
        (2) (West Coast) Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR.
    b.  15 Navy Weeks. The Navy Week program is a community outreach requirement, led by NAVCO, and is specifically designed to provide Americans around the country with the opportunity to personally connect with their Navy.  As such, principal stakeholders identified in reference (b), as well as subordinate commands specified in subsequent tasking, will support the 2024 Navy Week campaign to the maximum extent operational schedules allow.
        (1) Daytona Beach, FL, 12-18 FEB
        (2) Phoenix, AZ, 26 FEB-3 MAR
        (3) Savannah, GA, 11-17 MAR
        (4) Montgomery, AL, 1-7 APR
        (5) Fort Worth, TX, 8-14 APR
        (6) Spokane, WA, 13-19 MAY
        (7) Boston, MA, 1-7 JUL
        (8) Fargo, ND, 22-28 JUL
        (9) Chicago, IL, 5-11 AUG
        (10) Colorado Springs, CO, 12-18 AUG
        (11) Syracuse, NY, 26 AUG-1 SEP
        (12) Albuquerque, NM, 9-15 SEP
        (13) Las Vegas, NV, 14-20 OCT
        (14) Galveston, TX, 21-27 OCT
        (15) Kansas City, MO, 11-17 NOV
    c.  American Connections. The American Connections program, announced in reference (c), will continue to be a prominent component of the Navy 2024 Community Outreach strategy.  Managed by NAVCO, it was established to share the Navy story with media across the country serving markets that generally do not receive Navy news and information.  In 2024, the program will include the following elements:
        (1) Media production visits.  NAVCO deploys production teams to commands to produce feature stories and accompanying photos of assigned Sailors, which are provided to media outlets where those Sailors have local connections.  NAVCO is planning 12-15 Media Production Visits in 2024 in support of key Navy communication priorities and programs, such as Ohio submarine replacement, surface shipbuilding and Allies and partners.  In accordance with reference (b), commands are required to support media production visits from NAVCO.  Expected areas to be visited include:
            (a) Bangor, WA
            (b) Corpus/Kingsville, TX
            (c) Everett/Whidbey Island, WA
            (d) Gulfport/Stennis, MS
            (e) Great Lakes, IL
            (f) Guam
            (g) Hampton Roads, VA
            (h) Japan
            (i) Mayport/Jacksonville, FL
            (j) Pearl Harbor, HI (RIMPAC)
            (k) San Diego, CA
            (l) TBD (BALTOPS)
        (2) Sailor recognition.  Commands are encouraged to continue highlighting their Sailors' awards, promotions, retirements, changes of command and other recognition by emailing content to navyoutreach@navy.mil.  NAVCO shares with media where Sailors have local connections and provides links to commands so Sailors can share with family and friends.
        (3) Fleet-produced content sharing service.  Every day, commands throughout the Navy produce hundreds of stories and photos featuring the professionalism of our Sailors and the accomplishments of Navy commands.  NAVCO provides these stories and photos to media where Sailors have local connections and to media with ties to namesake units.  In accordance with reference (b), commanding officers are encouraged to, "ensure all internally produced media products for public release include local connections for any Sailors identified in stories and photos."
        (4) Shoutout service.  A toll-free telephone service (1-855-OUR-NAVY or
1-855-687-6289) is available for Sailors to record a short greeting, which is shared with media where Sailors have local connections.  Greetings can be submitted in conjunction with a holiday or observance, such as Mother's Day, Veterans Day, etc.  Greetings can also be sent from Sailors, or namesake units, to offer support to their home teams participating in major sporting events.  Throughout the year, Sailors can share shoutouts to commemorate milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.  Those wishing to be notified of shoutout opportunities can e-mail navyoutreach@navy.mil.
    d.  Naval Aviation and Parachute Team Community Outreach.  Naval Aviation outreach is particularly effective, in that it has the unique ability to bring a primary warfighting platform to inland markets.  The following Naval Aviation outreach activities are authorized in 2024:
        (1) 32 full Blue Angels performances.
        (2) 70 Navy Parachute Team (Leap Frogs) performances.
            (a) The U.S. Navy Leap Frogs and the U.S. Army Golden Knights are authorized to participate in D-Day 80 events in the USEUCOM AOR in order to jump with demonstration teams from other Allied countries.
            (b) Leap Frogs to perform at the 2024 Pacific Air Show Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
        (3) Nine Navy-Hosted Air Shows/Open Houses:  NAF El Centro, CA; NAS JRB New Orleans, LA; NAS JRB Fort Worth, TX; NAS Key West, FL; USNA, Annapolis, MD; NAS Oceana, VA; NAS Jacksonville, FL; NAS Pensacola, FL. These events are authorized to have aerial demonstrations by aviation assets organic to the installation.
        (4) 44 TACAIRDEMO performances/Legacy Flights at Chief of Information (CHINFO)-authorized air shows at which the Blue Angels are not performing.
        (5) Aircraft static displays at CHINFO-authorized air shows and other events.
        (6) 50 flyovers (two aircraft maximum unless authorized by CHINFO), equally divided between East and West Coast aviation assets, at CHINFO -authorized events.  Sporting events are permitted one regular season and one post-season flyover at home games or matches, unless otherwise approved by CHINFO.
        (7) Flyovers, with local area aircraft, for community events that are vital to preserving good relations between the following Naval Aviation installations and host communities that support them:  NAS North Island, CA; NAS Lemoore, CA; NAS Fallon, CA; NAWS China Lake, CA; NAS Whidbey Island, WA; NAS Oceana, VA.  This includes flyovers at High School events that are approved by the Secretary of the Navy in accordance with the additional policy guidance and procedures outlined in the Policy section of this Plan. Units that provide flyovers in support of High School events shall partner with cognizant NTAGs to maximize recruiting efforts.  An NTAG or recruiting element Point of Contact shall be identified and submitted to NAVCO prior to executing the flyover.  An after-action report of leads generated and other pertinent data is due within
14 days of completion of the flyover to NAVCO by the NTAG or respective recruiting element.
        (8) Aviation outreach support that falls into the following categories is not subject to limits specified in reference (a):
            (a) Military services retain operational authority over support for funeral and memorial service flyovers, which are not considered community outreach events.
            (b) Flyovers for ceremonies and other events intended primarily for an internal audience are not considered outreach events and may be conducted with TYCOM approval.  This includes U.S. Naval Academy events.
        (9) Inter-Service Military Service Academy Football Games.  Potential multi-service aerial review. Aircraft participation will be approved through operational channels in accordance with Military Service policies and will be no more than four aircraft (or the service demo team standard) per service.
Participating Department of Navy aircraft may be sourced from U.S. Navy or U.S.
Marine Corps aircraft.
    e.  15 CONUS Port Visits.  From a community outreach perspective, there is no more effective means to showcase the Navy's capabilities and its talented Sailors than allowing Americans to visit a ship or submarine:
        (1) (East Coast) Mobile, AL; Boston, MA; Norfolk, VA; Bristol, RI; Eastport, ME; Rockport, ME; New York, NY; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA.
        (2) (West Coast) Astoria, OR; Kauai, HI; Hawaii Island, HI; Anchorage, AK; Juneau, AK; Ketchikan, AK.
        (3) Other port visits conducted primarily for training or operational purposes are not subject to limits specified in reference (a).  Per reference (b), the following elements should be incorporated into every outreach port visit SOE:
            (a) Media day (pierside press availability and a shipboard tour).
            (b) Very important person (VIP) reception.
            (c) VIP tours for local civic and community leaders and educators.
            (d) The maximum amount of public visitation possible to the extent that time and force protection restrictions permit.
            (e) Two or more community relations projects, such as beach clean -ups, Habitat for Humanity, school visits, etc., with appropriate media coverage.
    f.  Civic and Executive Outreach.  Reference (b) approves dedicated community outreach travel for non-governmental organization, civic and executive outreach.
        (1) 25 Executive Engagement Visits (EEV).  Suggested cities for 2024 include, but are not limited to:  Augusta, ME; Boise, ID; Charleston, SC; Cheyenne, WY; Des Moines, IA; Duluth, MN; Eastern, TN;  Fairbanks, AK; Hartford, CT; Indianapolis, IN; Jackson, MS; Lexington, KY; Little Rock, AR; Louisville, KY; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Omaha, NE; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Santa Fe, NM; St. Louis, MO; Trenton, NJ; Tucson, AZ; and Twin Falls, ID.
         (2) As an extension of the EEV program, NAVCO will also conduct community outreach engagement visits for post-deployment commanding officers.  NAVCO welcomes Flag Officers, SES civilians and post-deployment commanding officers who are interested in conducting outreach to areas of the United States not mentioned above where they have close personal ties.
         (3) Per reference (b), travel by Flag Officers, SES civilians and members of the command triad outside the local area to participate in community outreach and other representational events that demonstrably help achieve the Navy's mission are authorized and will be considered essential official business in the government's interest.
    g.  Ship and submarine namesake crew visits.  One of the most effective means to connect Americans with their Navy is through strong and enduring namesake unit relationships.  In addition to the requirements specified for the Navy Week program referenced above, reference (a) approves visits by crewmembers of ships and submarines with namesake ties to their namesake city or state.
    h.  Navy Band tours and ceremonial unit performances.  U.S. Navy Band and Fleet Band Activities will oversee and collect all new community outreach measurement guidelines as detailed in reference (a).  Reference (a) approves the following:
        (1) Fall/spring/summer tours
        (2) Fleet/regional band performances
            (a) Daytona 500, February 2024
            (b) World of Nations Celebration, February 2024
            (c) SXSW Music Festival, March 2024
            (d) American Bandmaster's Association convention, March 2024
            (e) Virginia International Tattoo, April 18-21, 2024 (Approved joint Service support from Navy includes U.S. Navy Fleet Forces Band)
            (f) Welcome to Rockville, May 2024
            (g) 25th Annual Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration, September 2024
            (h) Clearwater Jazz Festival, October 2024
        (3) U.S. Navy Band international performances
            (a) Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Canada, June 27-30, 2024.
            (b) WASBE Conference, Guangju-Gyeonggi, South Korea, July 2024.
            (c) Festival Country Craponne, Craponne-sur-Arzon, France, July 2024.
            (d) La Roche Bluegrass Festival, La Roche, France, August 2024.
            (e) Vancouver International Military Band Concert, May 2024.
            (f) Calgary Independence Day Celebration, U.S. Consulate General, July 2024.
            (g) Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, August 2024.
            (h) U.S. and Mexico Bicentennial Celebration, U.S. Consulate General Tijuana, October 23-November 2, 2024.
            (i) Independence Day Celebration, U.S. Consulate General Tijuana, June 2024.
        (4) American Bandmasters Association National Convention, Washington D.C., March 2024.
        (5) International and Midwest Band and Orchestra concerts and clinics.
        (6) Navy Band public outreach concerts.
        (7) Large public concerts (DC Concerts on the Ave / Holiday concert).
        (8) Ceremonial Guard:
            (a) Three parades outside the NCR.
            (b) Twelve Navy Weeks and three Fleet Weeks.
            (c) Three Media engagement events outside the NCR.
            (d) Major professional sporting events (NASCAR, Super Bowl, All Star Games).
            (e) Ship commissioning, christening and naming ceremonies.
    i.  Virtual Outreach.  Social Media remains an important component of the Navy 2024 Community Outreach strategy.  NAVCO manages multiple social platforms to aid in connecting Americans to their Navy.  NAVCO uses social media to amplify fleet messaging, highlight Navy Weeks, namesake visits, executive engagements visits, and to release content that educates and informs Americans about their Navy.  Commands are encouraged to continue highlighting their Sailors, utilize platform collaboration features, tag NAVCO's social media and utilize the hashtags #navyweek and #navyoutreach.  Additionally, commands can reach out to the NAVCO Virtual Outreach Team with content/influencer collaboration ideas and to align messaging during any/all national outreach events.
    j.  Navy Birthday Celebrations/Historical Commemorations/Ship Milestone Events.  Support is authorized for the following:
        (1) Battle of Midway 82nd Anniversary (June 3-7)
        (2) 249th Navy Birthday (October 13)
        (3) Ship Milestones (dates TBD):
            (a) USS Nantucket (LCS 27) commissioning
            (b) USS Richard M McCool Jr (LPD 29) commissioning
            (c) USS New Jersey (SSN 796) commissioning
            (d) USS Kingsville (LCS 36) commissioning
            (e) USS Iowa (SSN 797) commissioning
            (f) USS Beloit (LCS 29) commissioning
    k.  Community Outreach in Local Areas.  For activities not included in reference (a), use of local resources to support outreach activities in the local area is authorized and encouraged.  Local area is defined in Joint Travel Regulation, Chapter 2, Article 0206.
    l.  Entertainment Media.  Support is authorized for entertainment media engaged in:
        (1) Feature Films:  Nerves of Steel; Mission Impossible 8; Blue Angels IMAX Experience.
        (2) Television Series:  NCIS; NCIS Hawaii
        (3) Major Docu-Series:  (NETFLIX) Making of an F-35 Pilot; (National
        Geographic) Making of a Submariner; (History Channel) In Command
    m.  Aircraft Carrier, ship and submarine underway embarks for distinguished visitors and media are authorized.  Request the Type Commands managing these programs provide embark opportunities to those who can best share their experience with young and diverse audiences.  To help achieve that desired effect, CNAF now uses this nomination form:  https://usg01.safelinks.protection.office365.us/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fforms.office.com%2Fr&data=05%7C02%7Cdonald.b.koehler.ctr%40us.navy.mil%7C1ead4a326dd142ae93af08dc28f16435%7Ce3333e00c8774b87b6ad45e942de1750%7C0%7C0%7C638430264435417712%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C0%7C%7C%7C&sdata=fica1aaPTEcJ3HSgE0RS5Y9hmsOusoPtvokhKEkIZvo%3D&reserved=0
/Ti8mh6quZ1.  Nominations populate into a database and are reviewed weekly for consideration for upcoming embark opportunities.

6.  All modifications beyond the scope of reference (a) require approval by the Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.  Requests for an exception to policy must be forwarded through CHINFO.  For additional questions pertaining to this NAVADMIN and the execution of the Navy's 2024 Community Outreach Plan, please contact Mr. Rob Newell at
(703) 614-1879.

7.  Released by RDML R. M. Perry, Chief of Information.//