R 141633Z FEB 24 MID600117190288U 
NAVADMIN 031/24 
RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces updates to Navy uniform policies 
for calendar year 2024.  These policy updates are the result of 
Sailor feedback, command sponsored requests and direction from Navy 
2.  The following Navy uniform policy changes are effective 
    a.  Female Combination Cover.  The female combination cover, 
also referred to as the bucket cover, is reinstated as an optional 
Navy uniform component for female Sailors (E-1 through O-10) when 
wearing Service Dress and Dinner Dress Uniforms.  The bucket cover 
is now also optional for female officers and chief petty officers 
(CPOs) when wearing Service Khaki and Summer White Uniforms.  Note: 
the bucket cover will not be available for personal purchase at Navy 
Exchange Uniform Centers and will need to be privately obtained if 
desired for wear. 
    b.  Tiara.  The tiara is reinstated as an optional Navy uniform 
component for all female Sailors (E-1 through O-10) when wearing 
Dinner Dress Blue and White Jacket Uniforms.  Note: the tiara will 
be available for personal purchase as a special order item via Navy 
Exchange Online Customer Service with a lead time of approximately 
four weeks. 
    c.  Physical Training Uniform.  Black or navy-blue 
leggings/tights are authorized for optional wear with the Physical 
Training Uniform shorts and fitness suit pants. 
    d.  Grooming, False Eyelashes.  Female Sailors are authorized to 
wear false eyelashes or eyelash extensions that project a natural 
appearance and are no longer than 14 millimeters in length as 
measured from the eyelid to the tip of the eyelash.  False eyelash 
color will match the color of the natural eyelash.  Eyelash 
extensions cannot hinder wear of protective eyewear. 
    e.  Officer Headgear Cap Insignia.  Warrant Officer One Officers 
(W-1) will no longer wear the unique W-1 cap device.  All officers 
(W-1 through O-10) will wear the same officer cap insignia 
consisting of two gold crossed fouled anchors with burnished silver 
shield surmounted by a burnished silver eagle facing to wearer's 
right and may be embroidered or made of metal.  While allowed 
immediately, in order to allow time for W-1 officers to transition 
this new policy becomes mandatory on 1 October 2024. 
    f.  Chaplain Religious Faith Emblem (Chaplain Staff Corps 
Insignia).  Navy Chaplains are authorized to wear religious faith 
emblems above their grade insignia on uniform components with rank 
tabs.  The religious faith emblem is a 1 1/2-inch by 1 1/2-inch 
black patch with gold embroidered chaplain corps insignia centered 
on the fabric and positioned upright.  When worn, the religious 
faith emblem will be sewn or affixed to the uniform using a velcro 
fastener directly above the rank tab. 
    g.  Surface Chaplain Officer Qualification (SCO) Insignia.  Navy 
Chaplains assigned to qualifying afloat units who meet qualification 
criteria are authorized wear of the SCO breast insignia on Navy 
uniforms.  Wear of the SCO will be in accordance with reference (a). 
The SCO may be metal or embroidered.  The SCO insignia design 
consists of the bow-on aspect of a warship on a background of ocean 
swells and scroll banner underneath displaying the Navy Chaplain 
motto, Vocati Ad Servitium. 
    h.  Aerial Vehicle Pilot (AVP) Warfare Qualification Insignia 
(Officer).  Chief Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers (737X) 
successfully completing prescribed training requirements are 
authorized to wear the AVP breast insignia on Navy uniforms in 
accordance with reference (a).  The AVP insignia consists of a 
silver bordered gold shield, a delta pointing downward, crossed 
fouled anchors and stylized wings. 
    i.  Female T-Shirts.  All female Sailors are authorized to 
optionally wear T-shirts specifically designed for female bodies 
with Navy uniforms.  Female t-shirts will conform to Navy's 
requirement for color, fabric, and neck configuration (e.g., crew 
neck, v-neck) per reference (a).  The intent of this policy update 
is to address expressed dissatisfaction regarding the required wear 
of male or unisex t-shirts that are not designed to fit female 
    j.  Personal Appearance.  The restriction on placing hands in 
pockets while in uniform is rescinded.  Sailors are authorized to 
have hands in their pockets when doing so does not compromise safety 
nor prohibit the proper rendering of honors and courtesies. 
    k.  Backpacks.  Commercially procured coyote brown backpacks are 
authorized for optional wear with the NWU Type II and III.  Coyote 
brown backpacks will be worn in accordance with reference (a). 
3.  Ongoing Navy uniform initiatives: 
    a.  Maternity Pilot Program (MPP).  The MPP is successfully 
entering its third year of providing participating Sailors free 
uniforms ready for wear at their doorstep.  Since the program 
commenced in 2022, over 1300 Sailors have participated in the 
program.  During 2024, the program will continue to provide pregnant 
Sailors the option to choose from four maternity sea bag variations 
encompassing all maternity uniforms and a cardigan sweater with 
alterations and applicable accoutrements attached.  For more 
information about the program visit
    b.  Size Modernization Program (SMP).  The SMP is a multiphase, 
five-year uniform improvement program with an initial focus on 
female uniform improvements.  The objective of the SMP is to deliver 
Navy Sailors with a modernized and consistent uniform fit and sizing 
    c.  Female Officer/CPO Summer White Uniform.  A white overblouse 
is being added to the list of authorized optional uniforms for the 
female officer and CPO Summer White Uniform.  The new overblouse is 
the first line of components delivered by the SMP.  Availability of 
the Summer White Uniform overblouse is planned for early fall 2024. 
A dress white overblouse is also being developed as an optional 
component for the female officer and CPO Service Dress Blue Uniform 
with estimated introduction after calendar year 2024. 
    d.  Female Service Uniform Slacks.  The Navy is currently 
evaluating service uniform slacks with back pockets for females. 
The focus of the evaluation is to determine the functionality and 
acceptability of female uniform slacks with back pockets.  If the 
evaluation to include Sailor feedback is determined to be positive, 
the future design of female slacks will include back pockets. 
    e.  Uniform Surveys.  Uniform surveys will be distributed 
throughout 2024 to continue to capture Fleet-wide input.  Surveys 
have been determined as the best method for the Uniform Matters 
Office to capture diverse and unbridled Sailor feedback that is 
crucial to planning, research and execution of uniform improvements 
and uniform and grooming policy updates.  Surveys will be announced 
on the Uniform Matters and MyNavy HR websites.  Access to surveys 
will be via QR codes or hyperlinks posted on the Uniform Matters and 
MyNavy HR websites. 
    f.  Hat Liners.  The Navy Exchange Service Command is adding 
synthetic liners to their list of uniform accessories for the Navy 
Working Uniform (NWU) eight-point cover.  The purpose of synthetic 
hat liners is to address Sailors' expressed concerns regarding 
unwanted hair removal or loss resulting from donning and doffing the 
NWU eight-point cover.  The liner will be sold separately and must 
be sewn into the cover for proper placement and wear.  Availability 
is expected to commence mid-February 2024 at most major Fleet 
concentration areas and online via 
4.  Questions regarding this NAVADMIN should be addressed via e-mail 
to Mr. Robert B. Carroll, Navy Uniform Matters and Emerging Issues 
Branch (OPNAV N13X), at, or ETCM 
Richard Baumert (OPNAV N13X) via 
or PSC Sache Hagans (OPNAV N13X) at 
5.  Questions regarding the MPP should be addressed to the Uniform 
Matters Office (OPNAV N13X) at or LS1 Meagan 
Cobia, Uniform Matters Special Assistant, 
6.  Questions regarding the SMP, Service Uniform Slacks and Summer 
White Overblouse initiatives, should be addressed to Ms. Louise 
Caulfield (Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility) at or Dr. Brianna Plummer (Navy 
Clothing and Textile Research Facility) at 
7.  Questions regarding the Hat Liners should be addressed to Ms. 
Angela Brown (Navy Exchange Service Command) at 
8.  Feedback and recommendations regarding uniform policy, uniform 
components and uniform availability are welcomed and can be provided 
via e-mail at, via the MyNavy UNIFORMS App, or via 
MyNavy Portal at, select Professional 
Resources, U.S. Navy Uniforms and *Ask The Chiefs*. 
9.  Retain this NAVADMIN until policy changes are incorporated in 
(a), superseded or cancelled, whichever occurs first. 
10.  Released by Vice Admiral Richard J. Cheeseman, Jr., N1.//