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NAVADMIN 089/16//




RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces continuing the Navy’s efforts toward 
innovative ways to attract and retain highly talented Sailors per reference
(a), this NAVADMIN provides policy and guidance for the FY-16
Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP) to include the expansion of MAP to 
shore commands and Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) Sailors.  
The increase in MAP quotas and expansion to PACT Sailors and shore commands 
empowers commanding officers (CO) to recognize sustained superior performance 
through immediate advancement.  MAP is not intended to continue Sailors on
active-duty that would otherwise be facing separation due to high year 
tenure, denied final active (DFA) reenlistment, or to advantage Sailors in 
rates with low advancement opportunities.  Sailors with a DFA reenlistment 
who are subsequently nominated for MAP will only receive one additional
Career Waypoints look for a reenlistment quota.

2.  MAP Strategic Working Group.  The MAP modifications are the result of a 
strategic working group comprised of Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy’s 
Leadership Mess and Senior Enlisted Leaders throughout the fleet which was 
established to examine greater opportunity and flexibility for command 
leadership triads to recognize their best Sailors.  The working group 
assessed lessons learned from FY-15 MAP, incorporated input from the fleet, 
and evaluated impact to enlisted rates (specifically community health and 
continuing advancement opportunities).  As a result, community health 
concerns and time-in-rate (TIR) requirements will be considerations for MAP 
eligibility.  Quotas will be distributed to individual commands according to
MAP eligible E3 to E5 billets authorized (BA).

3.  Community Health.  The need to maintain healthy communities exists to 
effectively balance the enlisted force and continue to provide Sailors 
advancement opportunity via the Navy Wide Advancement Exams (NWAE) across all 
    a. To help ensure community health, provide advancement opportunity via 
the NWAE, and to mitigate risk of zero NWAE opportunity for future exam 
cycles, echelon II commanders will have limited opportunity to approve quotas 
in the controlled rates listed below.  Commands who wish to nominate a Sailor 
in one of these rates must submit their request via their chain of command to 
the designated echelon II command for consideration.  Quotas not approved by 
the echelon II Commander will be returned to the originating command for an 
alternate Sailor in an unrestricted rate.
    b. The following rates, by component, are controlled for the FY
    -16 MAP
Season (i.e., echelon II approval required to be MAP advanced into the rates 
(1) Active Component:  AME1, AWF1, AWO1, AWV1, BM1, CTM1, EO1, GSM1, MR1, 
SH1, UT1, AWF2, AWR2, CSS2, GSM2, MR2, SH2, STS2;
(2) Full Time Support:  AME1, AO1, AS1, ATI1, ATO1, AZ1, CS1, ET1, IT1, NCC1, 
PR1, AME2, AS2, ATI2, AZ2, EM2, ET2, PR2, AO3, AWF3, ET3, PR3.
    c. A COs request for a controlled rate quota must be submitted to their 
designated echelon II command via their chain of command by 15 June
2016. Controlled rate quota requests may be submitted upon release of this 
NAVADMIN.  Echelon II adjudication and notification will be completed by
30 June 2016.  If approved, the Echelon II controlled rate quota 
authorization must be submitted as an enclosure with the MAP certification 
letter (MCL) in accordance with paragraph 8.

4.  Command MAP Quotas.  The quota formula as defined in reference (b) is 
cancelled.  The total number of quotas, by paygrade, will now be calculated 
based on eligible E3 to E5 BA only.  The specific number of quotas, if any, 
will depend on the size of the E3 to E5 BA at the command level.  This may 
result in an increase or decrease in quotas from previous years.  The list of
MAP quotas by unit identification code (UIC) can be found on the Navy 
Personnel Command website at

5.  Echelon II MAP Quotas.  For units without sufficient minimum number of BA 
to generate a MAP quota(s), their designated echelon II command will be 
allocated a small number of MAP quota(s) that may be distributed to 
subordinate commands.  All COs with MAP eligible Sailors, whether or not 
command quotas are authorized, can request quotas from their designated 
echelon II command.  These echelon II quotas provide additional opportunity 
for units to recognize top performing Sailors.

6.  De-activating and Pre-commissioning Units.  Due to the unique nature and 
dynamic manning of deactivating units and pre-commissioning units, BA may not 
accurately reflect manpower at these units.  Therefore, deactivating and pre-
commissioning units may request an exception to policy (ETP) to use current 
on board manning of E3 - E5 personnel as of 1 July 2016 to determine if and 
how many MAP quotas are authorized.  An ETP request is not required if the 
deactivating or pre-commissioning unit receives command MAP quotas as 
discussed in paragraph 4.

7.  MAP Eligibility.  MAP is open to all Sailors who meet advancement 
eligibility requirements.
    a. MAP open season will take place from 1 July 2016 to 31 August 2016.
The effective date of advancement is the date of the COs MCL or 1 July 2016, 
whichever is later.  Commands are encouraged to begin their MAP selection 
process and submit their MCL as early as possible to ensure Sailors are 
advanced and paid expeditiously.
    b. MAP redistribution season will take place from 1 September 2016 to
30 September 2016.  The effective date of advancement is the date of the COs
MCL or 1 September 2016, whichever is later.  See paragraphs 9 and 11 for 
additional information.
    c. All MAP Candidates must meet the minimum requirement per reference
(b) by 1 January 2017.  Sailors that took the FY-16 Spring NWAE (e.g.
Frocked, Passed Not Advanced) and Sailors eligible for the FY-16 Fall
NWAE are now eligible for FY-16 MAP.
    d. COs may waive up to 12 months of the required TIR for E5 Sailors who 
have received a promotion recommendation of Early Promote on the most recent 
observed periodic evaluation.
    e. COs may use MAP quotas on either active component or full-time support 
    f. Sailors must be attached to the MAP authorized command during the   
FY-16 MAP Season.  Planned rotation date change requests are recommended if a
Sailor will transfer prior to the start of the MAP Season.
    g. PACT Sailors are eligible for MAP advancement.  PACT Sailors must 
complete a minimum of 12 months onboard their permanent duty station, meet
TIR requirement for advancement to E4 by 1 January 2017 and have an approved 
quota for rating designation (i.e. approved quota in C-WAY) via the NWAE or 
Rating Entry Designation.  MAP advancement is not authorized for PACT
Sailors with designation approval for A-School required ratings.

8.  MAP Validation.  Commands will forward their MCL (copy to immediate 
superior in command (ISIC) and type commander) to Enlisted Career 
Administration/Enlisted Boards (PERS-81) listing their MAP selects.
    a. PERS-81 will review the record(s) of the selected Sailor(s) and 
validate the MCL.  If there are no discrepancies PERS-81 will inform the 
command that their MAP selects are valid.  Commands are encouraged to notify
Sailor(s) immediately upon validation notification to prevent a
Sailor from discovering MAP advancement through other means (e.g. pay and 
personnel IT systems).
    b. If discrepancies are discovered, PERS-81 will invalidate the MCL and 
notify the command of the reason(s) for invalidation.  Commands would then be 
able to correct the discrepancy or identify new MAP candidate(s).
    c. E-mail is the preferred method for submission of the MCL to PERS-81 
at:  An e-mail response validating the MCL 
should be received within four business days of submission.
    d. If operational commitments preclude a command from submitting their
MCL prior to the deadline, the command must forward the MCL with 
justification to their ISIC for endorsement and further processing through 

9.  Quota Request.  COs with Sailors meeting the eligibility requirements for
MAP advancement may request a MAP quota from their designated echelon II 
command, via their chain of command.  This request may be in addition to the
MAP quotas allocated for their command as discussed in paragraph 4.
    a. COs with command MAP Quotas retain the ability to return unused quotas 
or petition for more in FY-16.
    b. Additionally, COs that did not initially receive a quota via command
MAP quotas can request echelon II MAP quotas.
    c. The echelon II commander can distribute unused or allocated quotas to 
any command within their domain.
    d. If a command wishes to request unused or echelon II quotas, a quota 
request letter (QRL) is required to be submitted via their chain of command 
to the designated echelon II command by 15 June 2016.  Commands may submit 
their QRL upon release of this NAVADMIN.  Echelon II adjudication and 
notification of echelon II MAP quotas will be completed by 30 June 2016. This 
request is not required if the command had MAP quotas allocated for their 
command as discussed in paragraph 4 and do not desire additional quotas.

10.  Echelon II Quota Distribution.  The echelon II commander has final 
authority to determine which command(s) will receive echelon II MAP quotas.
Echelon II commanders may only distribute quotas to COs that submitted a QRL 
in accordance with paragraph 9.  If awarded a quota from the echelon II 
commander, an additional MCL must be submitted.

11.  Quota Redistribution.  The echelon II commander also has final authority 
to determine which command(s) will receive unused quotas during 
redistribution season.  Echelon II commands may only distribute quotas to Cos 
that submitted a QRL in accordance with paragraph 9.  Echelon II adjudication 
and notification of redistributed quotas will be completed no later than
15 September 2016.  If awarded a redistributed quota from the echelon II 
commander, an additional MCL must be submitted to PERS-81 no later than 30 
September 2016.

12.  Quota Substitution.  Commands are not authorized to substitute paygrades 
for MAP quotas (e.g. utilize an E6 MAP quota to advance an E3 Sailor to E4 or 
vice versa).  MAP quotas are formulated based upon specific BA, thus 
substitution of quotas may cause over-execution of advancements at certain 

13.  Subordinate UICs.  COs are not authorized to utilize MAP quotas at a 
subordinate UIC.  MAP Quotas are distributed by UIC and must be used to 
advance a Sailor permanently assigned, or temporary additional duty for 
greater than 30 days, to that UIC.  A CO may request an ETP via their chain 
of command to authorize use of MAP quota(s) at a subordinate UIC.

14.  Selected Reserve (SELRES).  In order to preserve and maximize 
advancement opportunity, there will be a moratorium placed on MAP for SELRES 
in FY-16.   This is due to strength reductions and changes in force structure 
which have resulted in multiple over-manned rates and created community 
health challenges in the SELRES force.  Navy Recruiting Districts (NRD) are 
authorized to use one MAP quota per NRD for reserve Sailors filling Canvasser 
Recruiter billets.

15.  MAP Website.  Example forms for the MCL, QRL, and echelon II controlled 
rate quota request can be downloaded via the Navy Personnel Command website 
npc/career/talentmanagement/Pages/MAP.aspx.  The list of point of contacts 
for each designated echelon II command and additional frequently asked 
questions can also be found on this website.

16.  Exception to Policy.  Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy 
(OPNAV (N13)) is the determining authority for MAP.  All ETP requests will be 
submitted to OPNAV (N13) via the chain of command (e.g., ISIC and echelon II 
endorsements) and copy PERS-81.

17.  The points of contact for this matter is Navy Personnel Command (PERS-
812), at (901)874-4457 or via e-mail at

18.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or canceled, 
whichever comes first.

19.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//