R 111516Z JUL 17




RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the results of the June 2017 Lateral 
Transfer/Redesignation Board.  Names are grouped by the community for which 
they were selected.

Unrestricted Line Officer  Special Operations (Training)  1190
Lawson Troy R               /6482    Skord Guy R                /1110
Restricted Line Officer - Human Resources Professional  1200
Baxter Brandon R            /1110    Clements Lindsay A         /1110
Hagen Jaylyn D              /1110    Harris Chantrelle L        /6830
Lopez Ian M B               /1110    Lorick Porsha J            /1110
Moon Kelly N                /1110    Reinike William J          /1210
Roche Charlotte E           /1110    Williams Keith D           /1110
Unrestricted Line Officer  Pilot (Training)  1390
Boudreau Jacob J            /1110    Wilson William M           /1110
Restricted Line Officer  Engineering Duty Officer (Training)  1460
Clemmer Burnell A           /1110    Cumming Julia E            /1110
Figueroa Jesus S            /1110    Martin Shane L             /1110
Mccarty Leland E            /1110    Norrell Travis J           /1110
Scott Alexander L           /1120    Twisselman Nicholas W      /1110
Restricted Line Officer  Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer  1510
Ehler Shane L               /1310    Farmer Dean B              /1310
Higgins Ian R               /1310    Mabrey Michael C           /1310
Madson Adam M               /1310    Roby Bradley J             /1310
Ropp Daniel D               /1310    Schofield Jacob S          /1310
Whitesell Kristen S         /1310
Restricted Line Officer  Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer  1520
Lett Preston A              /1300    Neiman Jeremy P            /6330
Special Duty Officer  Public Affairs  1650
Arneson Devin M             /1110    Collins Kassandra E        /1160
Judstra Emily A             /1110
Special Duty Officer  Foreign Area Officer  17X0
Agraviador Andre M          /1110    Bratton Bert R Jr          /3100
Carter Kendra B             /1110    Creen Timothy D            /1110
Duran Joshua N              /1830    Fabros John F              /1320
Fernandes Laurel E          /1110    Green Lisa T               /1830
Hite Matthew N              /1830    Holcomb Andrew C           /1110
Hoover Benjamin R           /1110    Hu Cecilia X               /1320
Kawamura Jessica H          /1110    Kohlmann Matthew B         /1310
Krieger Kyle R              /1120    Li Ben M                   /3100
Meares Chunchun N           /3100    Pheiffer Hang S            /1110
Pho Jinwei                  /6810    Poon Philip                /1320
Rombouts Frederick W        /1320    Ruun Tyjebeck H            /1320
Ryan Jeffrey M              /1310    Saxton Christopher G       /1310
Strezoski Slavco            /1320    Tounkara Ismael            /3100
Wehner Christopher T        /1110
Information Warfare Community  Oceanography  1800
Rueter Niklas H             /1110    Wishnie Eric B             /1110
Information Warfare Community  Cryptologic Warfare  1810
Bryan Roy B                 /6810    Edwards Preston L          /6810
Frazier Regina L            /6810    Gibbons David R            /1110
Jones Richard C             /6810    Mccowin Ismail M           /6810
Moe Paul S                  /1110    Mosychuk James S           /1110
Moultrie William V          /6810    Phillips Jeremy C          /1110
Vazquez Ricardo             /6810    Zweifel James M            /6810
Information Warfare Community  Information Professional  1820
Bell John N                 /6820    Brehme Kasey A             /6820
Brown Jason E               /6360    Burks Evita M              /6820
Carr Marie R                /1110    Castillo Eva M             /6822
Clark Brad E                /6820    Culbert Tracy L            /6820
Daniels Robert L III        /6820    Farrell Gregory L          /6820
Fernandez Mario A           /6820    Hardnett Cedric L          /6820
Holm David J                /6820    Mark Tara K M              /6822
Mcdonald Christopher W      /6822    Merrill Tristan            /1110
Nichols James L             /6820    Palmer Chad W              /6822
Pepin Lauront S             /6822    Pharr Kizzie N             /6820
Rucker Andrew               /1120    Stanley Shaun A            /6822
Swerda Michael B            /6820
Information Warfare Community  Intelligence  1830
Crosby Alexander W          /1110    Halliwell Brian C          /1110
Harris Darnell T            /6830    Mcneil Sean M              /1110
Novitch Christopher R       /1120    Ostrowski Emily E          /1110
Strong Christian D          /1110
Medical Service Corps  2300
Fryer Anthony L              /1110    Gilg Christopher M        /1320
Keough Andrew W              /1210    Lee Megan M               /1110
Stewart Aure J               /1210    Wing Michael J            /1110
Supply Corps  3100
Deguzman Alexandra R         /6510    Okimura Christopher D     /6510
Palermo John M               /6510

2.  The Lateral Transfer/Redesignation Board was extremely competitive.
Each record that was presented to the board was carefully reviewed and the 
best and fully qualified were chosen.

3.  Quota constraints for year groups were especially tight, thus the demand 
signal far exceeded the supply pool.  Many quality applicants were identified 
by the board but could not be selected due to quota constraints of either the 
outgoing community or the gaining community. Applicants who were not selected 
by this board should apply again while sustaining superior performance and 
bolstering their record for desired communities.

4.  As always, competition for redesignation was keen and every community had 
a pool of highly qualified candidates.  Eligible officers not initially 
selected, and who specifically requested to be reviewed by communities other 
than their first or second choice, were subsequently reviewed by all other 
communities.  Those officers tentatively selected for communities not 
initially requested will be notified via official correspondence and offered 
the opportunity to redesignate.

5.  This message is not authority to deliver change of designator letters to 
the selectees.  Officers who are promotion selectees should contact their 
current detailer to discuss redesignation timing. Commander, Navy Personnel 
Command (COMNAVPERSCOM) (PERS 803), upon notification by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS 
4) that the selectees have been made available to their new communities, will 
forward redesignation letters or appointment acceptance and oath of office 
(NAVPERS 1000/4), as applicable to selectees.  Officers who are not promotion 
selectees and who are not under orders can expect assignment to a new billet 
appropriate to their new designation within six months.  If an officer is 
currently under orders and transfers prior to notification by COMNAVPERSCOM 
(PERS 4), member must execute orders under current designator and must 
complete 12 months at the new assignment, unless a shorter tour is prescribed 
(tours in excess of one year will be with the concurrence of the gaining 
community), prior to redesignation.

6.  The following are exceptions to the above:
    a.  Surface Warfare Officers (11XX) who are under orders to department 
head school may not lateral transfer until completion of initial department 
head tour.
    b.  Aviation Officers (131X and 132X) shall not be permitted to lateral 
transfer until completion of active duty service obligation, expiration of 
aviation career continuation pay contract, or planned rotation date (PRD), as 
determined by Aviation OCM (BUPERS-313). Aviation officers in operational 
flying billets (billet designator XXX1 or XXX2) will not be permitted to 
redesignate until vacating the billet, typically at PRD.  BUPERS-313 will 
authorize redesignation timing.
    c.  Selectees for Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (151X) who are 
presently designated 131X or 132X and have not completed a second sea tour or 
aviation department head tour may be delayed assignment to 151X billets until 
the completion of an applicable second sea and or aviation department head 
tour, as determined by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS 43).

7.  Commanding officers shall:
    a.  Ensure officers selected for promotion within their current community 
do not accept redesignation before their promotion date.
    b.  Notify COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS 803) within 30 days of release of this 
message of any selectee who does not desire to accept transfer/redesignation.

8.  The next Lateral Transfer/Redesignation Board will be held in November 
2017. Previous applications are not retained; non selectees from previous 
boards must submit a new application for consideration. A future NAVADMIN 
will stipulate eligibility requirements, application procedures, and 

9.  This message will remain in effect until superseded or canceled, 
whichever occurs first.

10.  Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//