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NAVADMIN 180/23 
RMKS/1. On Friday 4 August 2023, we commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the 
founding of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP) with then Captain 
Rickover as its FIRST director. In recognition of this anniversary, Naval 
Reactors (NR) kicked-off a year-long tribute to the program and our people. 
This message invites you to find ways to COMMEMORATE, CELEBRATE and CONTINUE 
the legacy of our Program. 
2. Importantly, the NR legacy and contributions to the U.S. Navy are not the 
product of one individual, but are the result of phenomenal work over decades 
by a collection of highly dedicated individuals, including active duty 
members, federal employees in the Department of Navy and the Department of 
Energy and other agencies, our partners in industry, our allies, and our 
strong supporters on Capitol Hill. The Fleet has played and continues to play 
an important role in delivering the platforms, the capabilities, and the 
leaders that the NNPP produces. 
3. First, I want to COMMEMORATE the bold vision of Admiral Rickover and the 
tireless efforts of his team 75 years ago; they made the impossible, 
possible.  The NNPP came into existence on 4 August 1948 and just seven years 
later, USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571) went to sea, changing naval sea power forever! 
Just three years later, on 3 August 1958, the crew of NAUTILUS sailed under 
the North Pole for the first time ever. Such a journey was previously 
unthinkable, but this single event demonstrated the awesome, asymmetric 
advantage that nuclear power afforded our Navy. This remarkable 
accomplishment proved that the NAUTILUS could go to any ocean in the world, 
anytime, and remain there virtually as long as desired. 
a. The pace of the program in these early years was astounding. When NAUTILUS 
went under the ice, the Navy was already sailing four fully-operational 
nuclear powered submarines.  We were also building the first nuclear powered 
aircraft carrier - USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 68) with eight reactor plants. And our 
first strategic ballistic missile submarine, USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (SSBN 598) 
would go on the first strategic deterrent patrol within the next two years. 
b. We could not have achieved this without Admiral Rickover's leadership. His 
relentless energy, uncompromising high standards, and courageous impatience 
transformed our Navy, transformed U.S. industry and shipbuilding, and built 
the enduring culture of technical excellence that fuels the nuclear Navy to 
this very day. 
4.  Second, I want to CELEBRATE the Program's contributions to America's 
national defense over many decades including one of the most important 
legacies of Admiral Rickover, that of delivering results. Over the life of 
the Program we have operated 273 reactors, taken 562 reactor cores critical, 
including 33 different designs, and steamed over 171 million miles 
accumulating 7500 reactor years of safe operations. Today the U.S. Navy 
operates 99 reactors and 79 nuclear powered warships including (fittingly) 
the HYMAN G. RICKOVER (SSN 795) that just completed sea trials. Right now, 
the largest, most capable warship ever built - USS GERALD R. FORD (CVN 78) - 
is on her maiden deployment in European waters underway on nuclear power. 
Concurrently this past week, 30 of our submarines were on patrol or operating 
at sea with several executing missions that even Admiral Rickover could not 
have imagined. 
a. Over the life of the Program, there has been an amazing legacy that 
includes: Longer lived reactor cores and components; stunning advancements in 
submarine acoustic quieting that make our submarines extremely difficult to 
find; truly impressive achievements in the application of material science 
and manufacturing techniques; highly innovative designs including modular 
construction methods and simplified human machine interfaces; and an 
unwavering commitment to technical knowledge and operator training. 
b. The Program has also made strong commitments to our partners and allies.   
Most notably, our friendship with the United Kingdom's Nuclear Propulsion 
Program is built on the 1958 MDA and is strengthened today by our combined 
efforts to support DREADNOUGHT delivery. Also, over the decades the Navy and 
State Department have teamed to expand our global presence.  This is best 
exemplified in the USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76)'s continuous deployment 
out of Yokosuka, Japan, and recent first-ever port calls by nuclear powered 
vessels in Vietnam and Iceland. 
5. Finally, we should reflect on our future and our collective responsibility 
to CONTINUE Admiral Rickover's legacy of innovation and delivering results 
for the U.S. Navy. Today, we are building a reactor core that will have the 
longest service life of any core in our Program for the COLUMBIA - over 40 
years without refueling. We are taking our knowledge and application of 
acoustic quieting to the next level with the electric drive on COLUMBIA, 
performance enhancements on VIRGINIA submarines, and we are laying the 
technical groundwork for the next generation of fast-attack submarine to 
include greater stealth, speed, and payload volume. And we are investing in 
and advanced manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing, 
robotics, and machine learning to reduce costs, construction timeline and 
maintenance spans. Our pursuit of innovative designs and concepts will enable 
the next generation of instrumentation and control systems and has put us on 
an aggressive path to revolutionize initial operator training through 100 
percent use of high fidelity immersive trainers. Finally, under AUKUS we are 
stepping up technology sharing with the United Kingdom and we are 
aggressively moving forward to assist Australia in building their own nuclear 
submarine capability creating an unprecedented strategic advantage for our 
three countries. 
6.  COMMEMORATING our Program's 75-year history allows us to reflect on our 
past achievements with great pride, but as we CELEBRATE, we are also thinking 
about CONTINUUING to Power Maritime Dominance for the next 75 years. We 
remain committed to the principles of responsibility and stewardship that 
Admiral Rickover annealed into the Program. 
Our future success will depend on the strong support and lasting trust of the 
great partners we have developed over decades, so accordingly, I want to 
express my deep gratitude to: 
a. Our highly trained Sailors, Chiefs and Officers in the Fleet who enforce 
and maintain our Program's high standards on the deck plate and continue to 
speak and live "the language of Rickover!" 
b. Our Congressional leaders in the House and Senate who fund and support our 
efforts to maintain the world's greatest nuclear powered warships. 
c. Our nuclear capable shipyards, vendors, and DOE laboratories who continue 
to carry what Admiral Rickover termed "the burdens of a strong defense" in 
designing, building, and maintaining our fleet. 
d. Our DOE partners, especially those at the National Nuclear Security 
Administration, who collaborate with and help fund the research and 
development efforts so vital to our program. 
e. Our colleagues at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who have been, and 
continue to be, valued partners in all we do. 
f. And our foreign partners, including the United Kingdom, Australia and 
Japan, to name only a few, who help us expand the reach of our nuclear 
powered Fleet. 
7.  I invite and encourage you to help us celebrate our 75th Anniversary, to 
include recognizing our nuclear trained Sailors, your command, and Program 
accomplishments throughout the next year. 
There will be many occasions to COMMEMORATE historical events, CELEBRATE 
individual Sailors and command achievements, and CONTINUE to challenge what's 
possible. Fittingly an upcoming important date will be the USS HYMAN G. 
RICKOVER (SSN 795) Commissioning on 14 October 2023. I ask that you consider 
other opportunities to tell our story including: Recruiting and STEM 
events; Port visits and tours; Command awards and all-hands events; Ship 
birthdays; and social media and individual Sailor highlights. My team is 
standing by to hear your ideas, suggestions, and help highlight your efforts. 
We have made resources available online at: 
https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/NNPP.  The NR Anniversary is an active public 
affairs posture, please contact my POC for the communications plan or 
8.  Point of contact.  NR POC is Kellie Randall, kellie.m.randall.civ 
9.  ADM Caldwell sends. 
10. Released by Mr. Andrew Haeuptle, Director, Navy Staff.//