Navy Attendance at the 11-12 September 2015 Annual Tailhook Association Symposium MSGID/GENADMIN/CNO WASHINGTON DC//N9/AUG:

R 282127Z AUG 15


SUBJ:  Navy Attendance at the 11-12 September 2015 Annual Tailhook 
Association Symposium

POC/G. Keithley/CAPT/Unit:  CNAP/TEL: (619) 545-2020/Email:
POC/B. Martinez/CDR/Unit:  CNAP/TEL: (619) 545-1418/Email:
POC/Airlift/M. Hendrickson/Unit: CNAL/Email
POC/Reno, NV Ground Transportation/B. Martinez/Unit:

NARR/REF A is SECNAV Conference Approval Memorandum. REF B is DOD publication 
5500.07-R Joint Ethics Regulation Regarding Official Participation in Non-
Federal Entities. REF C is DOD Memorandum Implementation of Conference 
Oversight Requirements and Delegation of Conference Approval Authority.// 

RMKS/1.  The Tailhook Association will hold its annual national 
symposium and reunion in Reno, NV, at the Nugget Hotel from 10-13 September 
2015.  The theme for Hook 15 is Junior Officers Tip of the Spear".

2.  The Tailhook Association membership consists of over 9,600 active duty, 
reserve, and retired military members dedicated to the goal of enhancing the 
professionalism of military members working in the field of Naval Aviation.  
The annual symposium provides the opportunity for a wide discussion on a 
broad range of professional and career issues of interest to its extensive 
and diverse membership.  It is a forum in which attendees can address and 
work together to present innovative solutions to today's issues and 
tomorrow's Naval Aviation challenges.

3.  Per reference (a), a limited use of government funds to attend Tailhook 
2015 has been approved.  The following restrictions apply:
   a.  Local attendance at no cost to the Department of the Navy (DON) is 
authorized with supervisors' approval.
   b.  Travel, lodging and per diem have been approved for a select number of 
participants, award recipients and/or those personnel invited to participate 
on panels in a temporary additional duty (TAD) status on cost orders (capped 
at 226) as approved in reference (a). Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific 
(COMNAVAIRPAC) is responsible for tracking all TAD attendees for the DON.  
Attendees from commands outside COMNAVAIRPAC shall contact the POCs listed 
above prior to obligating TAD funds to ensure total cost to DON remains 
within pre-approved guidelines.  Personnel approved still need to gain TAD 
authorization from the first Flag in their respective Chain of Command.  
(Note:  registration on the Tailhook website does not constitute approval to 
travel using funds authorized in reference (a); travel must be coordinated 
   c.  Rental cars are not authorized for attendees traveling by government 
air or on funded TAD orders. The host hotel will provide an airport shuttle.  
Questions regarding Reno, NV area transportation should be forwarded to POCs.
   d.  Personnel on funded orders are required to attend all official agenda 
events.  If, and only if, attendance does not interfere with the official 
agenda, attendees on funded orders may attend social events offered in 
conjunction with the symposium at their personal expense.
   e.  All Commanding Officers are authorized to grant non-funded, no cost 
TAD orders at their discretion.
   f.  COMNAVAIRPAC has been authorized an airlift from Norfolk, VA. 
Attendees on funded orders must travel via military airlift if available.
   g.  COMNAVAIRPAC and Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic (COMNAVAIRLANT) 
POCs will coordinate and consolidate airlift requests for respective type 
   h.  Lodging and meals will be reimbursed to the attendees in a TAD status 
only at the authorized per diem rate.  Attendees must annotate their travel 
vouchers if meals are provided by the conference host.
   i.  Attendees and Travel Authorizing Officials must be mindful of the need 
to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars in attending the symposium, and are 
directed to follow the guidance in references (b) and (c) when authorizing 
travel.  TAD orders may cover expenses incident to attendance and 
participation in the symposium, including transportation, per diem, and 
lodging fees.  If applicable, attendees are required to file tax exemption 
forms to reduce lodging expenses.

4.  Tactical and training aircraft are not to be used for transportation to 
or from the symposium.

5.  Questions regarding Tailhook 2015 travel policy should be addressed to 
COMNAVAIRPAC POC or your regional POC.

6.  Uniforms:  To ensure maximum participation, participants are authorized 
to wear flight suits while attending symposium professional programs.  
Evening and social events will be in appropriate civilian attire or locally 
prescribed uniform.

7.  Questions regarding symposium specifics should be addressed to the 
Tailhook Association, 9696 Business Park Avenue, San Diego, CA 92131-1643; 
website:  Phone: 1-800-322-4665.

8. Released by OPNAV N9.//