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RMKS/1.  The FY-16 Selection Boards to recommend Navy officers on the Active-
Duty List serving in the grades of captain and rear admiral (lower half) Line 
and Staff Corps for promotion to the grades of rear admiral (lower half) and 
rear admiral will be convened as follows:
     22 OCT 14 - Unrestricted Line, Engineering Duty, Aerospace
                 Engineering Duty, Information Dominance Corps,
                 Deputy Judge Advocate General, Senior Health Care
                 Executive, and Civil Engineer Corps Rear Admiral
      8 DEC 14 - Unrestricted Line, Engineering Duty, Aerospace
                 Engineering Duty, Human Resources, Information
                 Professional, Intelligence, Foreign Area Officer,
                 Medical Corps, Medical Service Corps, Supply Corps,
                 and Civil Engineer Corps Rear Admiral (lower half)
      TBD -      O8/O7 Selective Early Retirement (if needed)

2.  In an effort to re-align the Restricted Line and Staff Corps board 
eligibility with the Unrestricted Line rear admiral (lower half) selection 
board eligibility, all FY-16 eligibles must have three years time-in-grade as 
a captain as of 1 October 2015.
For those Restricted Line and Staff communities that held an FY-15 rear 
admiral (lower half) selection board, there will not be a senior and junior 
initial eligible reflected on the below list, only a junior eligible.  The 
following list indicates the name, Active- Duty List number, and date of rank 
of the senior and junior officers initially eligible (if applicable) for 
consideration for promotion in each competitive category listed as of the 
date of this NAVADMIN.
In addition, those officers, on the Active-Duty List and in the same 
competitive category, who are senior to the senior initially eligible 
officers (or junior eligible officer, if applicable) listed in their category 
are also eligible for consideration.
                              Rear Admiral
                ------ Unrestricted Line (11XX/13XX) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Ponds, F. L.              000741-00   1 FEB 13
Jr Initial Eligible - Krongard, A. L.           000781-00   1 SEP 13
                ----- Engineering Duty (144X) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Whitney, M. R.            000731-00   1 JUN 12
Jr Initial Eligible - Fuller, L. B. III         000755-00   1 JUN 13
                ----- Aerospace Engineering Duty (15XX) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Sohl, P. A.               000757-00   1 JUN 13
Jr Initial Eligible - Sohl, P. A.               000757-00   1 JUN 13
             ------ Information Dominance Corps (186X) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Hoppa, R. V.              000743-00   1 FEB 13
Jr Initial Eligible - Sharp, R. D.              000772-00   1 AUG 13
               ------ Deputy Judge Advocate General (250X) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Crisfield, J. R.  Jr      011446-50   1 JUN 09
Jr Initial Eligible - Thompson, S. F.           012296-00   1 OCT 11
            ------ Senior Health Care Executive (270X) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Moulton, T. J.            000740-00   30 AUG 12
Jr Initial Eligible - Moulton, T. J.            000740-00   30 AUG 12
             ------ Civil Engineer Corps (51XX) ------
Sr Initial Eligible * Morton, D. G.             000753-00   1 JUN 13
Jr Initial Eligible * Muilenburg, B. J.         000759-00   1 JUL 13
                       Rear Admiral (lower half)
             ------ Unrestricted Line (11XX/13XX) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - McCormack, R. C.          012300-00   1 NOV 11
Jr Initial Eligible - Zerr, J. J.  Jr           012541-00   1 OCT 12
                ----- Engineering Duty (144X) ------
Jr Eligible         - Huck, H. J. III           012535-00   1 OCT 12
            ----- Aerospace Engineering Duty (15XX) ------
Jr Eligible         - Bailey, J. W.             012544-50   1 OCT 12
               ------ Human Resources (12XX) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Macrae, T. H.             011364-00   1 FEB 09
Jr Initial Eligible - Werenskjold, G. K.        012542-50   1 OCT 12
            -----Information Professional (182X) ------
Jr Eligible         - Edmiston, A. L.           012541-50   1 OCT 12
                 ----- Intelligence (183X) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Jackson, D. F.            012304-00   1 DEC 11
Jr Initial Eligible - Ansley, J. L.             012535-50   1 OCT 12
             ----- Foreign Area Officer (171X) ------
Jr Eligible         - Wang, B. P.               012531-50   1 OCT 12
                ------ Medical Corps (21XX) ------
Jr Eligible         - Ghurani S.                012534-00   1 OCT 12
            ------ Medical Service Corps (23XX) ------
Jr Initial Eligible - Norton, E. C.  Jr         011886-50   1 NOV 10
Jr Initial Eligible - Kelln, B. M.              012543-50   1 OCT 12
            ------ Supply Corps (31XX) ------
Jr Eligible         - March, D. A.              012533-50   1 OCT 12
            ------ Civil Engineer Corps (51XX) ------
Sr Initial Eligible - Wiles, S. W.              012322-00   1 FEB 12
Jr Initial Eligible - Oestereicher, M. P.       012537-50   1 OCT 12

3.  Only eligible officers may communicate directly with a selection board.  
Correspondence must arrive NLT than the day before the convening date of the 
board and shall be addressed to:  President
FY-16 Active (grade), (Line or Staff Corps) Promotion Selection Board, Board 
#XXX (board number is a required field and may be found on the FY-16 
selection board schedule located at http:// 5720 Integrity 
Drive, Millington, TN 38055-6300.  To check on receipt of your package, go to
activedutyofficer/Pages/default.aspx  and enter the customer Service center 
link (check on your letter to the board) or contact the Customer Service 
Center at (866) 827-5672.  Written communication may call to the attention of 
the board any matter concerning himself/herself that the officer considers 
important.  The written communication must be in accordance with MILPERSMAN 
article 1420-010 and may include, as enclosures, correspondence from any 
individual concerning the eligible officer.  Correspondence not originated by 
the eligible officer, including endorsements to the officer's letter, and 
letters written on behalf of that officer, must contain a written 
acknowledgement by the eligible officer that he or she desires that  such 
correspondence be presented to the board.
Correspondence without such acknowledgment is considered third party 
correspondence and will be returned.  Classified correspondence will not be 

4.  The mailbox account is capable of receiving 
encrypted correspondence IAW DoD policy.  If you are sending your board 
package from a non NMCI network (,, etc), please visit to download the required mailbox certificate.  To 
download the "cert" (please note, you must be using MS outlook with a CAC 
reader, including "activclient" software and have internet explorer or 
Netscape 7), go to, type 
in the "e-mail address" field, then click "search."  Click the "CSC" link 
under "last name".  Click on the link "download certificate(s) as vcard".  
Click "software certificate for".  Click the "open" 
button for the file download popup.  The certificate will then open.  Click 
"save and close".  The certificate is then saved to the profile and can be 
used to send your encrypted e-mail.

5.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//