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NARR/CHUSMLO Bridgetown BB please pass invitation to Saint Vincent and the 

AMPN/REF A IS SECNAVINST 4950.4B, Joint Security Cooperation Education and 
Training (JSCET) MANUAL// POC/Jeffrey Roman/OPNAV N52/LOC:  Pentagon/
E-Mail: Tel: (703)614-9782/
DSN: 224-9782//
AKNLDG/YES/INST: Request action addees acknowledge receipt via email to POC//

RMKS/1.  This message includes a letter from CNO to his counterparts inviting 
them to send students to the Naval War College in Newport to attend the Naval 
Command College (NCC), and to announce the addition of the International War 
Game Course (IWGC) and continuance of the International Maritime Staff 
Operator's Course (IMSOC).
The purpose of this announcment is to make our partner navies aware of all of 
these opportunities and allow them sufficient time to make students and 
resources available to take advantage of the course seats.  Naval Command 
College, International War Gaming Course and International Maritime Staff 
Operator Course.  Request you convey the following invitation to CNO's 
counterpart on his behalf:
QUOTE Dear (rank and name), (para) It is my pleasure to invite you to send an 
officer to the Naval Command College (NCC) in Newport, RI.
The course runs for ten months beginning 19 July 2018.  The NCC prepares 
senior-level officers (Captains and Commanders) for higher command 
responsibilities.  In addition to participating in the core curiculum 
alongside their American counterparts, students participate in a Field 
Studies Program, traveling throughout the U.S.
to gain an increased understanding of American institutions and way of life.  
In keeping with Admiral Arleigh Burke's 1956 guidance for our first 
international course,  I ask that you select and send an officer of the 
highest caliber whom you expect has the qualities and traits to develop into 
a senior navy leader and even Head of Navy.

2.  I am also pleased to announce the addition of a new course at the Naval 
War College. The initial International War Game Course (IWGC) is a 5 day 
course of instruction for 20 officers which will convene immediately 
following graduation of the NCC course in June 2018.
The IWGC will provide an introduction into the War Gaming management process 
that will enable international officers to conduct high quality research, 
analysis, gaming and education through the War Gaming analytical process.  
Additionally, the International Maritime Staff Operators Course, designed to 
prepare mid-grade international naval officers to support the planning and 
execution of complex maritime operations in a coalition environment, will 
continue to deliver two courses per year in 2018 and 2019.  US doctrine is 
the predominate focus for the class; however, students will also be exposed 
to other multinational concepts and planning processes (UN, NATO, and 
Interagency).  The 12-week long course is executed in an interactive learning 
environment with real-world maritime scenarios and practical application of 
operational level, combined maritime staff competencies.

3.  I sincerely hope you will send your most promising naval officers to 
Newport.  Warm regards, John Richardson, Admiral, U.S. Navy.

4.  The Naval Command College convenes on 19 July 2018 and completes on 21 
June 2019.

5.  Request the following:
    a.  Advise CNO (N52) and NWC IMSO at and as well as the Naval Education and Training 
Security Assistance Field Activity (NETSAFA) country program manager of host 
Navy's acceptance/non-acceptance of NCC NLT 1 March 2018.  Countries do not 
need to respond directly to the CNO.
    b.  The NCC will have a target class size of 50 international students.
    c.  As soon as a student is designated, advise NCC IMSO and NETSAFA 
country program manager of student's name, rank, and address.
    d.  Forward biographical data NLT 20 June 2018.  In order to fill out the 
travel information, you need to complete the Enrollment Form first.  This 
form will assign an "Entry ID#".  The student will need that to complete the 
travel info.  Below are links to both the Enrollment Form and Travel 
Enrollment Form:
Travel Info:
The email address for NCC IMSO is:

6.  Due to the prestige of this course, it is essential that the student 
report in the uniform of a Commander or Captain for NCC.
This may involve frocking by the respective navy.  In addition, international 
navies should not send officers that are expected to be promoted to flag rank 
during the course.  Rank waivers will not be granted.

7.  To achieve a high-quality experience at NCC, students must communicate in 
English.  An English Comprehension Level (ECL) examination score of 80 is the 
minimum for the student to appropriately integrate with peers, both 
professionally and socially in this demanding professional and academic 
environment.  The ECL requirement may not be waived.

8.  The course is intended for naval officers, but since the Naval War 
College (NWC) is a joint college, waivers for ground and air force officers 
will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Waivers for non-navy students 
must be justified by the appropriate Security Cooperation Office (SCO).

9.  Naval War College diplomas are awarded to graduates of the Naval Command 
College.  A select group of qualifying NCC students will be offered the 
opportunity to complete a Master of Arts (MA) from NWC at no additional 
tuition cost.  The competitive selection criteria is based upon on-site 
testing, academic qualifications and English fluency.  For additional 
information, point of contact at NWC International Programs is Mrs. Vicky 
Garrold at:  Phone 401-841-2010.  All international officers 
still receive some graduate level credits for courses completed at NWC which 
can be applied toward an MA degree at Salve Regina University in Newport, 
Rhode Island.  Salve Regina charges tuition that must be borne by the student 
or their respective service.

10.  Security clearance requirements are provided in Ref (a).  Student 
Invitational Travel Orders (ITO) must reflect U.S. equivalent of security 
clearance granted by their government (see blocks 11c(1) and 11c(2) of ITO).

11.  Estimated price programming data are in the Military Articles and 
Services List (MASL) The MASL is P171001 for NCC.
Please note that the course charges have been significantly reduced from 
previous years in hopes of easing financial burden on partner nations.  
Invitations are extended under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or International 
Military Education And Training (IMET), as appropriate, to individual 
countries.  Under FMS, transportation and living expenses will be the 
responsibility of student/country concerned.  SCO shall ensure the method of 
funding has been coordinated with unified commands and NETSAFA before 
extending the invitation to the appropriate country representative.

12.  Reporting Date:  No earlier than 12 July 2018 and no later than
18 July 2018. Please note that personnel support services and base housing 
will not be availabe to students who arrive earlier than the report date 
noted on their orders, as students cannot be allowed on the base outside of 
these dates.  Students should be instructed to arrive in Providence, Rhode 
Island (T.F. Green Airport/PVD), where a NWC Representative will meet them.  
This service will not be made available to any airport other than T.F. Green. 
To facilitate arrival logistics, please provide NWC with the student travel 
itinerary as soon as it becomes final.  Point of contact at NWC International 
programs is Mrs. Vicky Garrold at:  Phone 401-841-2010.

13.  The cost of living in Newport is high.  IMET students should plan to 
defray all living expenses beyond the IMET living allowance.
Family government quarters will be made available on a first-come- first-
served basis.  Students are encouraged to bring dependents, however, the U.S  
Government will not provide funding for dependents.
Students accompanied by dependents should have adequate funds to support the 
high cost of living in Newport, RI as well as dependent medical expenses.  
All dependents MUST have medical insurance to accompany.  Medical costs in 
the U.S. are high.  Students accompanied by dependents must show proof of 
suitable U.S. health care insurance for their dependents, to include 
pregnancy insurance, if applicable.
This is required before family will be listed on the student?s Invitational 
Travel Order (ITO).

14.  Lodging:  Unaccompanied officers may be accommodated at bachelor officer 
quarters on base or they may look for a residence in town.  SCOs and students 
are strongly encouraged to look at the student information on the NWC website 
at for the course calendar and other useful information.

15.  Uniform:  Students should arrive in Newport with appropriate winter 
service dress uniform (country equivalent to the U.S.
Navy's service dress blue), dinner/mess dress uniform (typically a tuxedo 
style uniform), summer service uniform (country equivalent to the U.S. Navy's 
summer white) and service uniform (equivalent to the U.S. Navy's service 
khaki uniform.  Utility/ camouflage and/or flight suits are acceptable).  
Most classes are held in business casual attire referred to as dress shirt, 
dress slacks and dress shoes, no tie or jacket.  Additionally, several NCC 
social events require a coat and tie (or female equivalent).

16.  Request action addees extend invitations for course and advise whether 
countries accept/decline. If declining, request Embassy/SCO/DAO indicate 
reason (e.g., lack of funds, no qualified candidates, country not interested 
this year).
Identify an invitee (name, rank, phone number, e-mail, and fax
number) on each acceptance.  E-mail responses should indicate e-mail is 
official country team response and must be addressed to; 
( and appropriate NETSAFA country program manager.

17.  For additional information about NCC, SCOs are encouraged to consult the 
web page at then click on Academics & Programs/Programs 
Offered.  The e-mail address is or contact by e-mail at, or by calling commercial 401-841-2010.

18.  Released by VADM A. L. Lewis, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for 
Operations, Plans and Strategy (N3/N5)//