R 151711Z NOV 23 MID600053519429U 
NAVADMIN 276/23 
POC/Ms. Crystal Deleon/CHINFO OI-21/TEL: (703) 614-9555/E-MAIL: 
crystal.g.deleon.civ@us.navy.mil or Mr. Oscar Sosa/E-MAIL: 
RMKS/1.  This year's Army-Navy game is scheduled for Saturday, 9 December 
2023 at Gillette Stadium, One Patriot Place, Foxborough, Massachusetts.  CBS 
Sports will televise the game and will once again accept "Go Navy, Beat Army" 
video spots from the Navy and Marine Corps.  CBS will consider spot 
submissions forwarded by the Navy Office of Information (CHINFO) for 
broadcast during the game. 
    a.  There is no guarantee CBS will use your video.  You will have to 
watch the game to find out.  If your video does not make it into the 
broadcast, it may still be played on video screens within the stadium during 
the game.  Videos may also be aired in other CBS Sports and/or CBS Sports 
Network studio shows leading up to the Army-Navy game. 
    b.  CHINFO and Defense Media Activity (DMA) will also push selected 
spirit spots to a variety of media outlets, flagship web and broadcast 
platforms, and social media sites prior to the game to help generate esprit 
de corps and as a way of highlighting our naval forces. 
2.  Requirements and best practices: 
    a.  All spirit spots must be submitted from a Navy or Marine Corps 
    b.  Public release of spirit spots is not permitted until 7 December 
    c.  Include the submitting command's name and location. 
    d.  Please submit a vertically shot version in addition to your 
traditional submission if you would like it also considered for (AT)usnavy 
flagship platforms. 
    e.  We want videos to help connect the American public with their Navy 
through building human connections with Sailors.  Successful videos will 
highlight one or more of the following: 
        (1) The Navy is critical to national defense. 
             (a) Forward deployment/active role in world affairs, global 
security and national economic prosperity. 
        (2) The Navy is comprised of passionate professionals and strong 
        (3) The Navy is representative of America in spirit and composition. 
        (4) Enthusiasm, humor, creativity, diversity, and motivation. 
        (5) Humanitarian and disaster relief initiatives. 
        (6) The Navy provides unique experiences, challenges and adventures 
at sea and around the world. 
        (7) A nod to 50 years of women in Naval Aviation. 
    f.  Please avoid the following: 
        (1) Use of naval or military jargon or acronyms. 
        (2) Group/command/formation shout outs in which a group is shouting a 
message (the audience will not understand what you are saying). 
        (3) Copyrighted material or music. 
        (4) Parodies of popular TV shows, movies, books, etc. - essentially 
any commercial media that someone else owns the rights to - cannot be used by 
CBS for broadcast. 
        (5) Sensitive material. 
        (6) Official or implied endorsements. 
        (7) Gratuitous violence. 
        (8) Potentially divisive language such as "man up." 
    g.  Inclusion of Naval Academy graduates, unique locations, forward 
deployed locations, and underway scenes are good.  Highlighting new platforms 
and unique naval capabilities is also desirable. 
    h.  Be sure to include all metadata required for Navy visual information 
    i.  It is best to not use music in your production. If you do, be sure to 
include all licensing information that allows you to use it and allows CBS to 
broadcast it to a global audience. Also, be sure to provide the final product 
with split channel audio with the music on its own track in case CBS has to 
remove it. 
    j.  Watch pacing -- if you want people to catch things on screen, you 
need to give them time to process what they're seeing and hearing. 
    k.  Be aware of what's going on elsewhere in the Navy and be careful to 
not accidentally stray into topics that are attracting negative attention 
    l.  Spots should be broadcast quality in one of the following file 
        (1) Files should be at least 8 MB/S but no more than 100 MB/S and in 
MXF, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MOV, or AVI file formats. 
        (2) M4V, FLY, and SWF files are not accepted. 
        (3) Include a Word document with the submitter's points of contact, a 
suggested title, description, and release authority. 
        (4) All submissions must be high definition (1920x1080, 1280x720) or 
Ultra-High Definition (4k). 
    m.  If you want your video considered for CBS broadcast, it must be no 
longer than 29 seconds.  Spots intended for non-broadcast use in the stadium 
or on social media or other web only outlets should be no longer than two 
minutes; but preferably also no longer than 30 seconds. 
    n.  Submit only ready-to-air spots.  Neither CBS nor CHINFO will do your 
post production editing. 
    o.  Frame shots according to rules of good composition (avoid talking 
heads with no bodies) and avoid distracting backgrounds and inadvertent 
commercial product placement. 
    p.  Good audio quality and sharp focus are both important.  Videos with 
poor sound quality or that are not in focus will be rejected.  Check for over 
modulated audio, weak audio, unclear voices or background noise. 
3.  Leverage Public Affairs experts, support from Navy Public Affairs Support 
Elements, DMA detachments or broadcast detachments available on a not-to 
interfere with operational requirements basis. 
4.  Commands should submit videos by electronic means, express shipment or 
fastest method available to the CHINFO (OI-2).  Submissions must be received 
before 4 December 2023.  Late submissions will not be accepted.  Please 
consider shipping times (force protection screening at the Pentagon can take 
five days for any shipment) for overseas and deployed units: 
    a.  Send via mail to: 
        1200 NAVY PENTAGON RM 4B463 
        WASHINGTON DC 20350-1200. 
    b.  Submit videos electronically via a shared google drive, or via DOD 
CAC enabled platforms such as DOD Safe (Secure Access File Exchange) service 
located at https://safe.apps.mil/. 
    c.  Do NOT post submissions to DVIDS. Videos on DVIDS are public upon 
upload.  Please be aware that this will make the video ineligible for use by 
    d.  Email POC with the subject line Army-Navy Submission for any 
questions related to file transfer information and assistance. 
5.  Request widest possible dissemination of this message. Let's highlight 
Navy teamwork and the spirit of our Sailors and Marines forward deployed 
around the world.  Go Navy, Beat Army! 
6.  Released by RDML R. M. Perry, Chief of Information.