R 241653Z DEC 13





RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN announces the following officers who have 
been selected for redesignation.  They are grouped by the community
for which they were selected.
Unrestricted Line Officer - Special Warfare (Training) - 1180
Witt Tucker C           1830
Unrestricted Line Officer - Special Operations (Training) - 1190
Heckelman Jeffrey S     1110
Restricted Line Officer - Human Resources Professional - 1200
Baker Veronica Y        1110     Biermann Jodi Marie D        1110
Campbell Janine E       1110     Carr Robert P                1110
Chuma John W III        1110     Davis Erika K                1110
Denaro Tessa M          1320     Greco Samantha M             1110
Huff William J          1110     Jones Olivia J               1110
Lassiter Kyra D         1110     Manaskie Michael G           1110
Nolan Decrisha          1110     Rapoff David J               1110
Souder William C III    1110     Tirado Luciano J             1110
Waisanen Derek S        1110     Walski Adam P                1310
Unrestricted Line Officer - Naval Flight Officer (Training) - 1370
Blackford Brandon D     1110     Seifried Alison M            1110
Unrestricted Line Officer - Pilot (Training) - 1390
Boudreau Miranda M      1110
Restricted Line Officer - Engineering Duty Officer (Training) - 1460
Artabazon Nicholas B    1110     Dodson Michael G             1110
Fletcher Derek E        1120     Harley William E             1120
Harlow Travis S         1110     Horodowicz Mark J            1120
Kim Joon Han            1110     Lamberty Jose M              1120
Lord Scott F            1120     Mitchelson Matthew A         1110
Oberdorf Michael C      1120     Simon Wesley A               1110
Stinson Robert T        1110     Sung Charles                 1220
Testa Joseph B III      1110     Thompson Jacob D             1210
Tuttle Robert D         1120     Valiani Joshua H             1110
Womer John K            1220
Restricted Line Officer - Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer - 1510
Buzzell Lindsey C       1300     Corrigan Devin P             1310
Gephart Andrew D        1310     Gutierrez Alejandro L        1320
Letwinsky Justin M      1310     Mostaccio Jason T            1300
Short Daniel C          1310     Skopak Shane C               1320
Stow Theodore J         1320
Restricted Line Officer - Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer - 1520
Fuini Matthew P         1210     Severance Norman H           1300
Special Duty Officer - Public Affairs - 1650
Gaidry Lauren M         1110     Grevelding Gregory D         1110
Hinz Lily K             1110     Irish Chelsea K              1110
Neal Jamie C            1110     Terry Loren M                1110
Special Duty Officer - Foreign Area Officer - 17X0
Ballard Joseph T        1320     Bernotavicius Christopher S  1120
Chen Jun Y              5100     Droddy Andrew B              1110
Ghavam Zhra M           1110     Gobert Curtis J Jr           1110
Henry Philip D          1320     Lastinger Stephanie C        3100
Lindsay Timothy B       1120     Olson Timothy F              1830
Romanenkov Victor       3100     Scheimreif Karlee            1320
Smith Tyler Y           1140     Somerville Matthew C         1310
Swanson Jessica         1310     Youngblood Ronald G Jr       1310
Information Dominance Corps - Meteorology/Oceanography - 1800
Ayala Christopher D     6460     Davis Travis J               1210
Scooler Jeffrey D       6460     Verhoeven Nicolaas A         1120
Information Dominance Corps - Information Warfare - 1810
Allen John A            6440     Bateson Damon W II           1110
Domagalski Joshua E     1110     Emery Patrick J              6320
Murray Meaghan K        1110     Stechschulte Brian M         1110
Sudderth Gregory A      1110     Thorson Jon A                6440
Willis James M          1300
Information Dominance Corps - Information Professional - 1820
Ackerman Richard A      1110     Brock Michael S              1110
Cagle Anthony C         6420     Cummings Kevin D             6420
Dawson Jeffrey A        1300     Ellis Anthony E              6420
Fallon John E           1110     Griffin Brian L              1120
Heller Mark D           1310     Morris Matthew M             1110
Pinckney Robert R Jr    1110     Shivashankar Santhosh K      1120
Stanton Kevin J         1110     Stapleton Justin C           1110
Information Dominance Corps - Intelligence - 1830
Austin Scott T          6450     Beier Danielle M             1110
Gabriel Jennifer A      1110     Galligan Edward J            1110
Kiernan Julie A         1110     Kwiatkowski Kaitlin M        1110
Murray Weston P         1110     Orchard Andrew L             1110
Simeral Scott R         1110     Woodward Natalie N           1110
Medical Service Corps Officer - 2300
Buchanan Maccon A       1110     Gomezrivera Jonathan O       5100
Logsdon Daniel L        1310
Supply Corps Officer - 3100
Davis Eldridge L        6510     Sweat Tyheem                 6510
Whitworth James R Jr    6510
Civil Engineer Corps Officer - 5100
Boles Travis O          1210     Changcoco Majellen C         6530
Kincaid Scott C         1110     Wijas Michelle T             1110

2.  The Lateral Transfer/Redesignation board is extremely competitive.  
Each record that is presented to the board is carefully reviewed and 
the best and most fully qualified are chosen. 

3.  Quota constraints for junior year groups (06 through 10) were 
especially tight thus the demand signal far exceeded the supply pool.  
Many quality applicants were identified by the board but could not 
be selected due to quota constraints of either outgoing community or 
gaining community.  Therefore, not being selected for this board is 
not a reason to feel that you have no future chance.  You should 
apply again (and again as required), all the while sustaining 
superior performance and bolstering your record for your desired 
community.  What makes your record standout is motivation towards 
your gaining community as well as continued promotability. 

4.  As always, competition for redesignation was keen and every 
community had a pool of highly qualified candidates.  Eligible 
officers not initially selected, and who did not specifically 
request not to be reviewed by communities other than their first or 
second choice, were subsequently reviewed by all other communities.  
Those officers tentatively selected for communities not initially 
requested will be notified via official correspondence and offered 
the opportunity to redesignate.

5.  This msg is not authority to deliver change of designator 
letters to the selectee.
    a.  Officers who are promotion selectees should contact their 
current detailer to discuss redesignation timing.  COMNAVPERSCOM 
(PERS-803), upon notification by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-4) that the 
selectee has been made available to their new community, will forward 
a redesignation letter to the selectee or appointment acceptance 
and oath of office (NAVPERS 1000/4), as applicable.
    b.  Officers who are not promotion selectees and who are not 
under orders can expect assignment to a new billet appropriate to 
their new designation when notified by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-4).
    c.  If a member is currently under orders and transfers prior to
notification by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-4), member must execute orders 
under current designator and must complete 12 months at the new 
assignment, unless a shorter tour is prescribed (tours in excess of 
one year will be with the concurrence of the gaining community), 
prior to redesignation.

6.  The following are exceptions to the above:
    a.  Surface Warfare (11xx) Officers who are under orders to 
department head school may not lateral transfer until completion of 
initial department head tour. 
    b.  Aviation Officers (1310 and 1320) shall not be permitted to 
lateral transfer until completion of active duty service obligation 
and/or expiration of aviation career continuation pay contract.  
Aviation Officers (1310 and 1320) in operational flying billets 
(billet designator XXX1 or XXX2) will not normally be permitted to 
redesignate until planned rotation date (PRD). PERS-43 is the final 
approval authority on the above constraints.
    c.  Applicants for 1510 who are presently designated 131x or 132x 
and a second sea tour or aviation department head tour has not been 
completed, assignment to 1510 billets may be delayed until the 
completion of applicable second sea and/or aviation department head 
tour, as determined by COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-43).

7.  Commanding Officer shall:
    a.  Ensure officers selected for promotion within their current 
community do not accept redesignation before their promotion date.
    b.  Notify COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-803) within 30 days of release of 
this message of selectees who do not desire to accept transfer/ 

8.  The next Transfer/Redesignation Board will be held on 2 June 2014.
Applications must be received by 4 April 2014.  Previous applications 
are not retained, non-selectees from previous boards must submit a new 
application for consideration.  A future NAVADMIN will stipulate all 
of the eligibility requirements and application procedures IAW refs 
(a) through (d).

9.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1.//